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January 03

What Does It Mean to Qualify a B2B Lead? (& How to Do It)

You have leads coming to your website. Some won’t ever buy. Some are browsing. Some are considering.  How do you know which leads to nurture and how to nurture them in customers?

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August 31

HubSpot INBOUND 2021 Conference Preview: Auditing Our Pandemic Sales Habits

It’s a bummer, but also fitting, that for the second straight year, HubSpot’s INBOUND will go all-virtual due to COVID-19.

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May 24

How Ignoring On-Page and Technical SEO Undermines Your Business

Did you know that by ignoring on-page and technical SEO, you could be severely hurting your website traffic? And when your traffic decreases, so does your potential to create leads and drive new sales.

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January 07

The B2B SaaS Customer Journey, Demystified at Last

Buyers’ journeys have been around, and understood, for quite some time. However, every time a new market emerges or a new company forms, relearning the potential customer’s buyer journey is imperative. 

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December 02

What Is a SaaS Buyer Persona?

If you’ve stumbled on this article, you’re probably reassessing the way you approach sales/marketing efforts and feeling a little unsteady. Perhaps one of your biggest sticking points is, “How do I reach the right people in a digital space with an intangible product?” A better question (or two): “What is a buyer persona, and how will it help me reach those people?” A buyer persona is a semi-fictitious profile of your ideal customer. It consists of market analysis, current customer data, and hypothetical situations. A buyer persona touches on key information that could affect your marketing message, such as:  Demographics Consumer behaviors Consumer goals/objectives Although relatively similar, buyer personas and target markets are not the same -- buyer personas are much more specific. Furthermore, SaaS buyer personas are different from regular buyer personas. And SaaS buyer journeys and marketing strategies greatly differ from traditional marketing strategies. Here’s what you need to ...

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December 02

How to Solve Your B2B Brand Awareness Problem

In order for your company to succeed, you have to be recognized. Creating brand awareness for your B2B company will help drive business and increase sales. Is your B2B company the best-kept secret in the country? If so, I bet you would like to change that. Here's how.

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July 07

7 Lead Nurturing Tips That Help Close More Sales

Think back to your teens and early twenties, when you were paddling around in the dating pool. There were some real weirdos in there, right? (Maybe you were one of them.) 

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April 15

10 Expert Lead Scoring Tips for More Effective Online Marketing

What Is Lead Scoring? Lead scoring is a method of prioritizing leads - usually by their level of interest in your product and how good a fit they are for your company - to maximize the use of your sales and marketing resources. In other words, lead scoring keeps you from wasting your time and money on leads who aren't likely to make a purchase.

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