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    6 Manufacturing Companies with Facebook Pages That Stand Out

    Let’s face it, most manufacturing Facebook business pages are easy to ignore, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re bland. They look like other industry pages. They don’t offer a lot of unique value to prospective customers.

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    33 B2B Marketing Statistics Show Why Your Current Strategy Blows

    Not everything that blows is bad. The wind blows on a hot day and cools the sweat on your forehead. We blow out birthday candles to celebrate another year of life. But your marketing strategy... If that blows, it means trouble for your business. 

    The good news is an unsuccessful marketing strategy means you have a ton of opportunity for quick wins and major improvements. Among all the clients I work with, the ones who show the fastest and most impressive growth are those who were struggling the most when they partnered with us. (See: McHone Industries saw a 1500% increase in leads over 6 months).

    Do you feel like you're not getting the results you want from your marketing? Here are a bunch of B2B marketing statistics that can point you in the right direction. (My personal favorite is #18!)

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    What Makes a Kick-Ass Keyword for B2B SEO?

    Can your keywords fight crime? Can they pull off a handlebar moustache and leather motorcycle pants? Can they walk away from explosions without looking?

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    3 Ways Small Business SEO Services Help You Compete with Giants

    You're kinda small, and your competition is very very large. What's a small business to do? Although it might seem like a losing battle, small business SEO services can provide some aces for your sleeves. 

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    One Easy Way Manufacturers Can Increase Website Traffic & Improve SEO

    I won't keep you hanging. Manufacturers can increase website traffic and improve SEO simply by: Optimizing their Google My Business listing.

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    Content Marketing Services: What to Expect Realistically

    As business owners, we make big decisions on a daily basis. Some are easy. Others, not so much.

    One such decision here at protocol 80 was outsourcing our payroll processing and associated accounting to our accounting firm. 

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    How Penguin 4.0 Impacts Small Business SEO

    Google's algorithm update, Penguin 4.0, is all grown up and ready to impact search results. As a small business owner, you need to understand how this will impact your small business SEO strategy.

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    Speed Blogging Tips: Write 500 Valuable Words in Under 60 Minutes

    What does 500 words look like? It's approximately one single-spaced Word document with 12-pt font (or two double-spaced pages). Here's a visual example:

    Does it look like a lot? Don't worry - if you follow these blogging tips, it'll feel like nothing at all.

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    New Manufacturing Marketing Strategies Breathe Life Into Industry

    Out With the Old, in With the New

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    Using Owned, Earned, & Paid Media for Effective Online Marketing

    There are three categories of media that will increase your traffic, leads, and sales: owned media, earned media, and paid media. To optimize your marketing strategy for YOUR business, you need to take advantage of all three types of inbound marketing media.

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