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    How a Lead is Generated with Inbound Marketing

    How does inbound marketing work? When most manufacturers think of lead generation through their website, they think of RFQs, Contact Us, etc... It's not always clear to them at first, how a lead is generated with the inbound marketing process

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    What to Include in a Healthcare Technology Buyer Persona


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    5 Rules All Great Blog Post Titles Follow

    Blog posts add immeasurable (OK, actually very measurable) value to your company’s website. And although the content you choose to write about is crucial, there is another element that sometimes gets overlooked.

    We’re talking about blog post titles.

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    5 Reasons You Don't Use the Inbound Marketing Process at Your Business

    One of the biggest challenges of starting something new in your business is the learning curve that comes with it. We're all so busy doing the many daily activities that we already do, that it's easy to put off starting a new initiative like marketing.

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    Understanding The Inbound Marketing Process


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    Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs ‘How-To’ Videos & Blogging

    By now, it’s well-known that high-quality, educational content can attract your target audience. Hopefully you’re also aware that your content marketing strategy should include every stage of the buyer’s journey and address their pain points at each stop.

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    How to Develop a SaaS Marketing Strategy

    Developing and implementing a SaaS marketing strategy can be confusing and challenging. However, B2B content marketing strategies are fundamental to the success of a product that your buyers can’t hold in their hands. 

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    21 Useful Stats for (re)Developing a Marketing Strategy in 2020

    You’ve spent months creating what you think is a solid marketing strategy. You’ve collected information. You’ve developed a buyer persona. You know the tactics you’ll use. And you’ve set goals. 

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    B2B vs. B2C Healthcare Marketing

    Healthcare marketing is a diverse and complicated process. And the way in which we market in the healthcare industry is always changing. This is true whether you work for the healthcare facility itself or you’re selling services and software to that facility. 

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    How to Build a Buyer Persona: Gathering Intelligence

    Say hello to your buyer persona. 

    You've probably seen them before. Maybe at a trade show, or an industry conference, or browsing through your shop. They're always vaguely familiar - you can't ever remember their face, but their story is always the same. 

    Now they're back. They're interested in buying again. And it's your job to get them on the hook and reel them in.

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