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Manufacturing Marketing Tips to Increase Web Traffic from All Sources

Manufacturers, in general, have been slow to learn and adopt digital best practices like content marketing to stand out in the 21st century. Not being absolutely sure about website traffic isn’t an option in the breakneck speed and high stakes of the digital world.

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How to Write a Manufacturing Blog Post

You make stuff. Your stuff helps people. You want more people to know just how helpful your stuff is.

Start by getting them to your website. It’s the 21st century, so there’s no way around it. Blogging is ideal for driving quality traffic to your website.

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Blogging Best Practices: Organization Can Cut Your Research Time by 50%

I have a friend over while sitting down to write this. She’s trying to finish her degree in education. Strewn about the coffee table and couch are textbooks and piles of paper she printed at the library - a crazy, disorganized organization. This cluttered scene makes sense only to overly caffeinated college students and old-time movie detectives haphazardly connecting pictures and newspaper articles on the wall with thumbtacks and string.

Oh, yeah, she’s doing some online research, too. And this got me thinking about blogging best practices and the role research plays in crafting a well-fed, credible, informative, well-performing blog.

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Blogging Best Practices: How to Research Your Topic Efficiently


Oh, I get it, believe me.

You envisioned sitting down to write a blog post for your business and expertly crafting the words like Charles Dickens toiling under candlelight. You planned on relaxing afterward with a glass of bourbon.

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Inbound 2017: Affordable SEO Tips (Heck, These Are Free)

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Manufacturer Marketing ROI: 11+ Statistics Your Boss Will Love

The manufacturing industry is slowly coming to terms with the influence of the Internet. However, online marketing is throwing many small manufacturers for a loop. Some companies are purposefully resisting this status quo upheaval. Others simply don't know where to start.

Is your company still lagging behind the trend? Do you desperately need help to succeed online? Here are some stats that might convince your boss to seriously consider revamping your marketing strategy.

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What Is Content? Back to Basics with Inbound Marketing 101.

Around here, we talk a lot about inbound marketing and content marketing. We also mention that you need relevant, high-quality content for your marketing efforts to produce results. 

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5 Easy Ways to Be Kinda Not Bad at Graphic Design for Marketing

Who better to do a newbie’s guide to graphic design for marketing than a graphic design newbie? I’m a words dude. Always have been.

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Inbound 2017: What the Heck is a T-shirt Bakery?

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

That’s my awesome clock. It’s excitedly counting down to Inbound 2017, my very first marketing conference experience, Sept. 25-28 in Boston.

Looking for inspiration? Let’s celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. That spirit built the inbound marketing methodology. It built this great inbound marketing agency. It built the following 3 success stories I’m absolutely stoked to hear at Inbound.

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Inbound 2017: What Makes a Content Marketing Strategy Successful AND Fun?

Do you like clowns? I do. Truth be told, I work with a guy (above) who’s worked on the side as a birthday clown.

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