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October 21

Increase Organic Traffic With 'Boring' Industrial Content Marketing

Everyone wants the spotlight on their business. Online, the easiest way to earn one is by becoming “findable” in Google Search and “clickable” in email and on social media.

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April 20

Holly McCully Featured on Marketing Mondays Podcast with Ira Bowman

At protocol 80, collaborating with other digital marketing creators and chatting about topics relevant to the digital marketing space is one of the things we love to do.

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January 13

Where to Find Licensed Music for Videos

Whether it’s a background groove or a raving bass drop, music will make your video better. The trending track of the week would work beautifully but the cost to use it legally will blow your budget. So I did some research on music licensing services and libraries geared for video. These services sell synchronization licenses to use their catalog of music in videos. The licenses vary depending on the service so I’ll breakdown the differences.

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November 04

Manufacturing Video Production: 7 Camera Settings You Should Know

A camera is difficult to navigate for beginners. It’s understandable why many new video producers choose to stay on the Auto setting. It’s a bright green “A” among a layout of strange symbols and controls.

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December 14

Do You Create Enough Evergreen Content and Topical Content?

A mix of evergreen and topical content is essential for a successful marketing strategy. This video explains why you need to create both and what ratio to start with.

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November 13

How To Write an Optimized YouTube Video Description

You’ve finished a beautiful new video and you’re ready to share it with the masses on YouTube. If you’re like me, this is when your workflow is derailed by a daunting blank “description” box. So I’m getting you back on track with some tips and best practices for getting the most from your video’s description.

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November 29

How to Point Your Domain to HubSpot with GoDaddy

You want to make sure your web content is visible online, right? Otherwise, what’s the point?

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